Corona in Italy

Corona Report Italy

Italy started with poor figures. One of the first sources of infection was a nursing home and the CFR was correspondingly high.


Currently, a decrease in new infections can be observed. However, the situation in the country remains critical. Italy's healthcare system is massively overburdened. Even the incoming international aid could not change this.

2020/03/08 - In Italy the situation is getting more and more out of control. The mortality rates are high, there are first bottlenecks in the health system. The government reacts with travel restrictions. Schools and universities had already been closed before the weekend.

2020/03/09 - The mortality rate in Italy continues to rise. But Italy is now also testing with a higher proportion of symptomatic patients. Currently every 7th case is positive. A few days ago it was one in 10. Fewer tests automatically increase mortality because a higher proportion of serious cases are included in the statistics.